Haleakala Walnut Shelling, Inc. has a reputation for providing shelled walnuts of superior quality to buyers all over the world.

Quality and food safety are our number one priorities. We are in the process of being SQF certified, which gives our buyers the peace of mind knowing that we meet strict food safety regulations.

Our two Quality Control/Assurance management staff have over 30 combined years in the nut quality industry, and we follow a strict “borderline” policy. If a nut/product is borderline, meaning that it can be either dark or light, or possibly can be a defect but possibly not, we call it the lower quality grade. This ensures that the product that goes in the box is going to exceed expectations.

We have a state-of-the-art facility with laser sorters and an x-ray machine, helping to ensure both quality and safety. There are multiple air and screen points along our line to greatly reduce the amount of meal that ends up in the box.

You are welcome to visit our plant at any time and, if planned, can watch your load being packed on the day of your visit.