Haleakala Walnut Shelling, Inc. consistently provides highly competitive returns to our growers. Our program and payment sheets do not have any smoke-and-mirrors, and there are no hidden costs or charges. It is simple to understand and just makes sense.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our fees and payment program, and every grower, including ourselves, have their crop payment calculated the exact same way. All that matters is the pounds delivered, the DFA crack out percentage (edible yield), the averages sales price that we sold the crop for, and our processing fee. We do not “play favorites” or try and woo you with very high prices one year and lower prices the next.

Another plus to our program is the time frame of our crop payments. We pay approximately 1/3 of the estimated total value of your crop by the end of December, the next 1/3 of the estimated total value of your crop sometime in the month of February, and the final payment is generally made sometime in late April, but always before mid June. This means that you can get your money literally months earlier than others. This can save you money on interest on any loans you may have, can allow you to invest in new equipment earlier in the season, or can simply get your money in your pocket sooner.

Because our system only needs a few key pieces of information (your crack out and our averages sales price to date), you can call us up at any time and ask us what your crop value is at that exact point in time. This is an extremely useful tool for budgeting, applying for loans, and tax planning.

If you are a perspective grower and are interested in knowing how we do business we can quickly and easily tell you how much you would have received for your crop had it been processed by us. All we need is your in-shell pounds delivered and the DFA crack-out of the deliveries. There is no obligation for you to send us any tonnage if we run this report for you; if you are happy with your processor but would just like a little perspective we are happy to give you the information and you can use it however you would like.