Haleakala Walnut Shelling, Inc. is a three generation family owned and operated walnut grower and processor specializing in superior quality shelled walnut products. In 2005, owners and founders, Rose Crain and Dan Davidson built our processing facility and started to process our own crop at the facility in 2006. Soon after in 2008, we opened our doors and started expanding our family by accepting new growers.

Our goal is very simple: To establish long term relationships with our buyers based on providing a quality product at a reasonable cost, with our growers by looking to maximize their returns for their products, and with our employees to help us grow as a community.

We provide high end products of superior quality to our buyers. We do this by having growers who share our dedication and passion for quality farming, state-of-the-art facilities, food safety centered environment, hands on attitude toward management, and employees who truly care about the products we produce. With this winning combination, we consistently produce quality products that far exceed D.F.A. and U.S.D.A. standards.